Who is is an online business founded in 2009 by a mechanical engineer with one goal: Make shocks seal rebuild kits affordable by remaining a strictly online company, we have no store locations, no counter-people and don't have a lot of money tied up in bad inventory. We pass on those savings with lower prices so shocks of all ages can be taken care of properly.

Today, ships thousands of seal rebuild kits for the predominant offroad shock brands to customers all over the world. catalog is expanding often.

What are hours? Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders are processed Monday- Friday until 6PM and ship the following day. In rare cases if orders are not going to be shipping, it will be noted at top of home page. (Baja trips will halt shipping)

Does offer expedited or next day shipping?
USPS priority mail is the only domestic shipping option at this time and all orders ship the following day as noted above.

What is return policy?

Does offer shock servicing?
No, but sells to most rebuild and service centers around the US as well as multiple countries and can often recommend somebody in your area.

How do I become a recommended service center?
Email some pictures of your rebuild center, your clientele, location and phone number to along with a paragraph or so write up about your business.

Does offer sponsorships?
Yes, via IG campaign. You post/share and generate followers to the shocksealsdotcom Instagram and kits get discounted accordingly: 10% per 100 added followers. 1000+ added followers, free kits for your car(s) for a year then heavily discounted thereafter for all personal shocks.

How do I know what kit to buy?
All kits are laid out by manufacturer, diameter, and shaft size. If you know those 3 things, you should be able to navigate to your appropriate kit. If you do not know the shaft diameter, body diameter and manufacturer, I cannot help you figure out which kit you need.  Anomalies to that are King Prerunner Vs King Race and Fox offroad vs Fox OEM kits.

How do I tell if I have a King Prerunner AKA Performance Race Series vs a King Race Series shock?
King Prerunner series shocks feature press in wiper seals, rubber hoses, snap ring end reservoirs. King Race will have snap in carbon/teflon wiper seals, cloth hoses, screw in resis. 3" King prerunner sometimes are mixed parts but the wiper seal is the final word. 

How do I tell Fox Offroad vs Fox OEM apart?
If the parts came as standard equipment on a Ford, Can Am, Polaris, Yamaha, ETC..they will use the OEM kits. If they are over the counter aftermarket, they will use the standard offroad seal kits. 

Does have a seal rebuild kit for Brand X Shock?
The search bar is the easiest way to answer that question, followed by the click thru links by brand and size.

Will make custom seal kits?
If the kit consists of standard stocked parts, there is a 4 piece minimum. If they are special order parts, the minimum is 25 kits if the parts can be sourced, if tooling is required there is a 500-1000 piece min plus tooling cost. 

Will sell individual o-rings or seals?
Yes, at 100 piece minimums.

How do I know if I need Viton seal kits?
If you consistently average in excess of 275 degrees Fahrenheit, you should run Viton seal kits. Viton material is less durable in terms of abrasion resitance than Buna or Urethena but temperature is where it excels. If using Viton, be sure to make sure the excluder/wiper will hold up to the same temps.

How do I know how hot my shocks got?
Option 1: Heat strip tattle tales are what I personally use on all my shocks I work with as well as hubs, diffs, trans pan, t-case, etc so I always can quickly eyeball before and after each run to see if something ran hot and how hot.

Option 2: An infrared heat gun is easy but must not be aimed at reflective surfaces or reading will be off. We recommend a piece of tape placed in mid stroke of the body and temps taken from there.

How often should I service my shocks?
If they leak, service them. If performance has reduced, service them. If you have got them hotter than the oil is rated for, service them. 20k miles on road is typical service interval for race style shocks. Check Nitrogen pressure with every other vehicle oil change and wipe bodies and shafts to keep corrosion minimized.